Sunday, March 30, 2008

Carpenters East Visit Carpenters West

We have had the pleasure of having David's parents, sister and niece come visit us for a few days this past week. They flew in on Thursday and will be flying out on Tuesday. It has been since April of 2006 since we had last seen them in person (see previous posts for that event). Both Josiah and Anna Grace have grown considerably since then! Josiah was just crawling when we went there last time and Anna Grace was walking and would pretty much tackle Josiah and he couldn't do anything about it. Now he holds his own pretty well, but it is interesting to see the dynamic between the two for sure! Josiah has taken to pretty much doing what Anna Grace says, but from time to time he gets really frustrated and starts crying about something she did that he didn't like. It was funny because off and on he will call her, "A grape," or "mr. grape" and will say, "Where is mr. grape?" or somthing like that. He does know how to say Anna Grace though and now that she has been here longer, he has been saying it correctly more often. By the way, this picture is of Anna Grace & Daniel. She is crazy about the babies and wants to hold them all the time!

Here are some of the memories thus far of this week with the family. I am sure there will be a post with more at some point as well, but this is a start.

Grandpa Carpenter has had a lot of chances to read to Josiah & Anna Grace and Josiah for one has taken advantage. He loves his "I Spy" book, which incidentally he ripped many of the pages of way back when and we had to purchase a new one for the library (whoops!). So Josiah has been holding it up (which now has been fixed with tape)saying, "Read I Spy!!" Grandma Carpenter has ordered some more "I Spy" books for him, which should arrive soon.

The Carpenters also brought with them a lot of boy's clothes and shoes that they were given from a friend of Mary's. This shot is when Anna Grace and Josiah dumped all the shoes onto the floor and decided to climb in the box. At one point, AG said, "Let's all stand up now." and Josiah did what she asked. They were having fun playing together. After this, AG got out and went over to the toys and retrieved a toy bee and said, "Let's play hive bee" and asked Josiah which bee he wanted to play with.

My Dad came over as usual on Friday and had a nice visit with the Carpenters East as well. He and Ken had fun swapping funny jokes and Ken is showing my Dad a puzzle game online that he likes to play. It was nice that the pastors got a chance to converse a little more. The last time they met was at our wedding over 4 years ago and they really didn't get a lot of opportunities to talk much.

David's Mom has had lots of times to hold the babies and has been a huge help with our fussbucket (Caleb). She has been really good at settling him down and has had her fair share of feeding him as well. Our little boys love their Grandma Carpenter!

The Carpenters brought Josiah this Thomas the Train painting set for the bathtub and so Anna Grace and Josiah wanted to try it out. We thought this would be a longer event for them playing in the tub, but it ended shortly after Josiah got bubbles in his eyes from Anna Grace who tried to help "clean" him. Josiah hates water on his head and/or bubbles in his face. So this picture is rather characteristic of their "fun" in the bathtub.

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