Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Jon

David's brother Jon made the decision to move back to South Carolina, and he came over this morning so that David could take him to the airport. He got to spend a little quality time with the boys before he left, since for once they were both awake and alert at the same time. He volunteered to pose for this shot down on the floor with the babes, and I think it is so cute that they are both smiling at him.

We also got some video of the little ones during this time and I will post some of the footage when we fill up the disk and finalize it on the camera.

And for those of you who can't tell yet, Daniel is in the froggie suit in the back and Caleb is Mr. Eyeballs here in the front of the picture. This is the look he gives whenever he is very intently checking things out. He is our super curious boy. Daniel is curious too, but he is more of a sleeper and eater than he is curious. Lately, we have been calling him "Mighty Daniel AKA Champion Eater." Caleb is still our "Clockwork Gnome" as he always seems to notify us right on schedule that he is hungry! Incidentally, he is over his illness now and is doing great! I noticed that right after I posted the entry that in the hours afterward he seemed to be improving. Thanks to the Lord ultimately for his speedy recovery and for all of you who prayed for him!

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Mary Janelle said...

Glad to hear Caleb is doing better! Re your gas question to me, yes, I think all babies have gas -- the thing to me is that out of my three kids, only one seems to have real difficulty with it. She's in pain and discomfort quite often, and it ends up affecting my quality of life too. So, I'm willing to try what it takes to weed out stuff I'm eating that might cause it. Eloise farts hers out just fine, and Simeon never had an issue with it. But this littlest one of mine -- she's a rascal all right! Stay healthy...