Sunday, March 09, 2008

Funny Josiah-isms & Other Fun Stuff

Hello to all of you out there! Sorry I haven't been as diligent with the blog entries as in weeks past. The twins are having more and more wake times now that they are older, (3 months old now) and so I am finding that my times to care for the house and Josiah are getting crunched a bit to play with the babes as well.

I have not been totally neglect in my blogging duties though as I have been taking pictures and collecting funny Josiah-isms to share. Now I finally have a moment to type them all into an entry. As you can see in the picture above, Josiah has taken on a new responsibility to feed his baby doll. My mom bought him this doll for use when we teach him how to potty train (which we haven't done just yet). You can put water in the little bottle and it will "pee" it out in this little potty chair that it comes with also. One of the steps in this book my mom gave me entitled "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day," is to teach a doll to go potty first. As a side note, she says she used this book to train my brother and I at the age of 3 and both of us learned easily and never had any accidents following the training. From time to time while I am feeding one of the twins I will say, "Josiah, why don't you feed YOUR baby?" (in order to ge
t him occupied in doing something other than aggravating his brothers). He usually responds with "I can't...I'm busy right now," (he got that lovely phrase from me...hee hee) or once he said, "I can' is sleeping right now." Once in a while though he decides that his baby needs some food and this was one of those moments!

David has been trying to take Josiah on more outings lately and one of these times they went to the school nearby and played on the playground. Josiah met a little friend there who wanted to pose for the camera with him as you can see. Apparently, this little girl was singing the alphabet and David asked Josiah to sing it too and he sang, "A, B, C, D...I don't know that word," and that was it. Not sure why he stops at D in that manner, but it is funny because he does that everytime he tries to sing the A, B, C's on his own.

As we have been working with Josiah these days, I have sometimes broken out the old , "I said NO!" phrase in regards to one behavior or another. The other day he came back at me with "I said YES!" and though I shouldn't have, I laughed out loud at that one and then tried to still enforce the point at hand.

The other day I gave Josiah a shamrock cookie and told him that it was a shamrock as I gave it to him. He looked at it and said, "Broccoli?"

David decided to mop the kitchen floor while I was gone the other day (kudos for the hubby) and asked Josiah if he wanted to help mop the floor. He said, "I don't want to go to MOPS!" MOPS is the group I attend which stands for Mother's of Preschoolers. Once David explained what a mop was, then he was into it. Of course, it took them a lot longer to clean the floor, but the result was the same! When I came home, Josiah said, "Wook...shiny!" (He still pronounces his L's as W's incidentally.)

Sometimes when the babies are crying or Josiah wants something, I might say, "Be patient, Mommy will be right there." Josiah has learned this phrase too and once when a baby was crying he said, "I'll get him...right there and then "Be patient, be patient, be patient," as he patted the babies' head.

Josiah fell down the other day (which is not an uncommon occurrence around here) and stood up and s
aid, "I hurt my body." To me it just sounded funny!

Here is a nice shot of my Dad feeding Caleb the other day.

Here is the mighty Daniel in the new swing that Grandma got for the babies.

OK and this one is for all our English teacher/grammatically correct friends & family out there (that means you Mom, Mara, Kaytie, Youssef, Kathryn, & Jee). Do you all find it ironic that they are inviting people to a literacy festival, but spell festival like "fetsival"? David caught this one on film on his outing with Josiah.

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Daniel and Natalie said...

Hey there! You are still amazing me with your blogging frequency and abilities. I can barely get it done with one. Daniel has appointed me the new blogger of the family and doing a fine hack job of it. You can check out our blog again if you want I promise theres new stuff on it. It's so nice to keep in touch this way, keep up the good work Mommy!
Natalie and Evie