Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun New Pictures

I had my babysitter Sharel take some pictures of the babies today since they were both wide awake at the same time. I showed this one to David and he laughed out loud. He said that Daniel has his mischievious eyes and I agree with him. David's parents wished upon him the parental curse, "I hope you have a child JUST like you someday!" David was a bit of a troublemaker as a young lad. We shall see which of our boys will test Daddy's patience the most!

I call this the Caleb surprise picture. It is hard to catch him smiling on film and this is about as close as it gets. He has been smiling more for us lately, but at the oddest moments. I came into the room late last night (or shall I say morning) around 3:30am to put Daniel down (Caleb was already fed and in bed) and when I looked over at Caleb he was smiling a lot at me.

Here is a cute picture of the boys looking at each other. Both of them were being rather fussy until I suggested that they lay on the blankie together, and right away they calmed down. It is apparent that they are more aware of each other now and are perhaps forming an attachment to one another.

Here is Daniel our smiley boy. He gives lots and lots of smiles. David was playing with him today and even got a small little squeal of delight. He was tickling his tummy and Daniel would open is mouth really wide in a smile like this and give a little squeal.

Caleb was working super hard today to get his head up. As you can see he was successful! This is such a funny picture of our serious little concerned one. Such a sweet little baby though! He is just a little more needy for the time being.

Here is a new use for your formula scoops all you moms out there who use formula. Josiah took the scoop from one of the used formula containers and decided it would be a spoon to eat his vegetable soup with. He has been very inventive these days in other ways also. He builds what he calls "ramp machines" with his Megablocks. There are a number of ramps for cars you can build with the blocks and he stacks them on top of one another and dubs it his ramp machine.

I included this last picture as it was my favorite of the boys together. Daniel has his typical happy expression and Caleb has his pursed lips concerned expression. Daniel does look MUCH bigger in this shot, but that was partly the angle at which it was taken. However, Daniel is still the bigger of the two. By the way, they have been sleeping around 7-8 hours each night! That has been helpful! Now if only I can get to bed when they do, then perhaps I will catch up on my sleep. Speaking of which, I should be in bed now!

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