Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas at the Grandparent's House

Here is my Mom with Josiah and Daniel before we opened the gifts. Josiah found this paper airplane ornament that he claimed as his own to play with, as seen pictured here.

We had a real treat in that my Grandma Walker from Eastern WA came over to my parents house to visit and join in the Christmas fun. We don't get to see her very often and she really enjoyed watching the boys play, crawl, and interact. Caleb and Daniel were doing their usual antics of fighting over an ornament. Daniel found it first and was looking at it and Caleb grabbed in and they had a bit of a tug of war. Then as usual, Daniel got tired of the fight and went for another toy, which was promptly swiped again by his very determined twin. Ahhh...and so the fun begins! Here Great Grandma Walker is holding said determined twin, Caleb.

We always have an early Christmas gift exchange with my parents and this year we went to their place to do that. We planned it just right so that we would miss the big storm coming in on the way back, which is supposed to be a real dozey! It is predicted to be even worse than the most recent one that we had here. David has been following it closely due to the nature of his job, so I am thankful for that. Anyway, Josiah got two special gifts that he loved. The Dinoco helicopter from the movie "Cars" and the Screamin' Banshee, which is a character from an animated short on the same "Cars" DVD called "Mater and the Ghost Light." Josiah hasn't been feeling the greatest the last couple of days, but this morning he was in better sprits. He has some sort of cold like his younger brothers do as well.

And of course the twins, were most interested in the wrapping paper as is appropriate for their age, and Daniel found his gift to be a great place to pull up as well! They both like to pull up on anything that is nearish to their height and do so quite frequently. Even as a little sick boy (Daniel has his now 2nd cold of the season), he gives a nice big smile for the camera. He got this "Little People" farm that of course will be shared with Caleb and Josiah as well.

Here is our very serious Caleb boy with his gift, the "Little People" Noah's Ark. It is hard to get a shot of him smiling these days as he doesn't smile quite as often. In this shot though, I will give him some slack because he didn't have any sort of nap really to speak of before he came to Grandpa and Grandma's house, so he was pretty beat! You might notice the little scrape on his nose and head? Yeah...he fell off Josiah's bed the other day...long story, but needless to say, he is OK and has some battle wounds to show for it. He too is sick right now with a runny nose and he is losing his voice, so hopefully they will all get better soon. We could certainly use yours prayers this winter as we seem to get a lot of illnesses during this season.

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