Friday, December 19, 2008

More Snow Fun!!!!

We have quite the amount of snow here for this area now (around 2 1/2-3 inches) and it is actually sticking around for a bit! The schools have been closed for 3 days now due to the icy, snowy roads and it took David 2 1/2 hours to get to Seattle yesterday (usually only a 40 minute trip). Thankfully today, he was able to work from home, which is a wonderful thing in weather like this! Josiah has been loving the snow, however, as pictured above he still isn't fond of posing for pictures. He is there with Sharel & Laura (the gals who babysit for us). They stayed over last night due to the fact that it was probably not safe for me to take them home or for their mom to come get them and it was too cold to walk. They were loving the snow too and since they liked to be out in it so much, they took Josiah all bundled up out there too!
He wanted to ride his tricycle for some odd reason, so here he is trying to ride it in the snow. He doesn't do the pedals yet, we have tried to teach him, but he prefers to use his feet to make it go instead. The tricycle riding was short lived in this snow, but at least I got a cute picture to show for it!

Here they are with the little snowman that they made. It would have been bigger, but the snow was the powdery type and wouldn't stick together very well.

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