Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas One and All!

We had a nice relaxing Christmas morning as a family, and it was really nice. David and I woke up at 5:30am and were planning on me feeding the babies and David making the breakfast, however, when we went out to the living room, Josiah was sitting on the couch and said, "Good morning, Momma!" I got a nice little question and answer session with him about the story of the baby Jesus too on video, which was fun. I tried to put it on the end of this post, but it wasn't working, so perhaps I will try again another time. Here is a picture though of sweet Josiah with his Handy Manny tool bench/truck toy. I asked him at the end of the day what was his favorite new toy and he said, "The Handy Manny one. I've never seen that toy before." He had a blast "fixing" the things on the tool bench portion of the toy. There are 4 items that can be fixed there and a few more in the engine of the car as well, and he was thoroughly enjoying figuring out which tools to use to fix the various things. At one point he said, "I'm whitey tighty Momma!" too which I looked at him rather confused, until I realized he was repeating back to me what I was telling him about using the screwdriver "Righty Tighty....Leftly Loose-y." Hee hee! He kept saying all day, "Let's fix things, Momma." There is also a little phone that "calls" and tells the "Fix-It Man" what to fix. He and I had a funny coversation that went something like this:

Josiah: This is my Handy Manny phone.
Me: Who are you gonna call?
Josiah: Grandpa
Me: do that!
Josiah: (putting the phone to his ear and talking in a nice phone voice) Hello Grandpa....(pause)...Ohhh (he heaved a sad sigh and put down the phone). Grandpa's dishwasher is broken.
Me: Should we go fix it?
Josiah: Yeah, let's go. I will drive the truck to Grandpa's house.

This is my favorite picture of the twins this Christmas playing with the balls that were from Grandpa and Grandma Carpenter. They really liked them. They are made of this strong plastic and they can chew on them or squash them and they remain in tact. This is good for teething babies who like to put all things in their mouth! They had a good tug of war over the balls for a while too, which was fun. There are many more pictures of the twins individually and of Josiah as well. I will post many of them on Facebook and have a link to all of them via Snapfish if any of you want a link to that, just let me know. Later on, Grandpa and Grandma Walker came by to have lunch with us and watch the boys play with all their new toys. One highlight of the day for me was finding a stocking stuffer that got my hubby to smile bigger than I have ever seen. I can't really share what the gift was, as it is an inside joke that is personal, but let's just say that the "I always know what I am getting" guy was stumped on this one and laughed really hard! For me it is FUN to find something that he can't guess he is getting. Wahoo...score!

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