Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow, Snow, Just look at the Snow!

The last two days we have been getting some snow here, which is fun because we don't get too much snow in Western Washington usually. I dressed Josiah up in the warmest and most snow-worthy clothes he had, since we don't have a snow suit for him and he tromped around in the backyard a bit. As he went down the hill in our yard, he said, "I'm climbing down the mountain, Momma!" And he was very excited to see the tracks that he was leaving in the snow as well! I tried to throw a snowball at him, but the snow is too powdery and was hard to compact into a ball, so he just got snowed on a bit more by me throwing my half-made ball at him.
Here he is again wearing my hat. I thought he looked so funny wearing it! Another funny story was that today he took his spoon and put it on the side of his head and said, "Momma, I'm 'tending (pretending) to be a mailbox!" And apparently, there was mail in the box as demonstrated by the spoon being UP! Here is yet another little conversation I had with him the other day.
Josiah: Let's play "Crunch," Momma.
Me: How do you play that?
Josiah: You get a cookie, then you get a ticket, then a flower pencil, then run around the table, make a car from Legos...a BIG car...LOTS of Legos.
Me: Do you eat the cookie?
Josiah: just put it down on the table so Echo (our dog) won't eat it!!
Me: Can we play "Crunch" right now?
Josiah: We don't have "Crunch" right now.

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