Thursday, September 10, 2009

TPOM Ice Cream Social

Every year, the group I belong to (Tacoma Parents of Multiples or TPOM for short) hosts a "summer fun" kind of event to get the members to come out and see each other with all their kiddos. This year, we had an ice cream social and brought Ben and Jerry's in to serve us some ice cream while our kids played at the Fircrest Totlot. It is a really nice fenced park with a sandbox and the normal playground equipment for the kids. There are lots of shade trees too and some picnic tables for eating as well. I just loved this shot of Josiah eating his ice cream. This picture really shows off his gorgeous blue eyes!

This swing is technically meant for one, but I thought it would be cute to squeeze the twins in it together since they both wanted to swing at once anyway. They barely fit, but had a fun time swinging as you can see.

Here are the boys having their lunch. You can see that Daniel has his trusty pacifier nearby in case of emergencies as well.

Later on after the ice cream, Daddy and Josiah rested on this bench and Josiah brought over most all the vehicles he could find from the sandbox to play with while sitting with Daddy.

The twins are enjoying a ride in the little car on a spring toy here. It was a bit of a challenge to get them both in the car and looking at me at the same time I might add!

Josiah especially enjoyed playing in the sandbox and his friend Lief was there too (bottom right). They had these fixtures there that were actual diggers for the sandbox too, which was really cool. I think someone from our group brought all the sand toys though, as I doubt they just leave them there for the general public to play with.
Overall, it was fun to visit with the other twin moms and dads and see all their little ones. I have many more pictures of many of the families that came, but here I am just sharing the pictures of our family.

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