Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visiting Grandma's Classroom

Before school officially started this year, I went to visit my mom at her classroom with the boys. She likes to have them come from time to time and we parade them around to the various teachers who might be in the building as well as the office staff. Grandma is very proud of her grandsons and I get a lot of, "It is so great to see them....we feel like we know them already," from many of the folks there. It is clear that Grandma tells a lot of Carpenter boy stories in her lunchroom I think!
Grandma let the boys experiment with many of the instruments in the classroom. Caleb was like a kid in a candy story moving back and forth from one instrument to the other, not wanting to miss out on any possible sound he could make. Daniel would get fixated on one or another instrument for a little longer, perhaps figuring out how it worked! He tried to take the bars off this bass xylophone many times and unfortunately bent one of the nails that hold it in place (you are supposed to lift them straight up when taking them off, but babies don't know this). Despite my efforts to make sure nothing got broken, we had two mishaps, the second of which is described below.

As you can see, Daniel and Caleb both were enjoying making music on this bass xylophone!

These wind chimes were a little worse for wear after we left. Josiah tried his own hand at making noise when he dropped it from a rather high height and two of the chimes fell off. There are little plastic things holding them in place. Thankfully, both of the "mishaps" were easily fixable and Grandma was already making a trip to Ted Brown that day anyway and got the parts to fix them. This is another example though of Daniel trying to figure out how this instrument worked.
Going to the music room was a bit hit for sure and something we will have to do again some time! :) Thanks for letting us come Grandma!

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The Morrissey Family said...

How cool that they get to try out the instruments! Tell your Mom kudos for the solfa ladder! She is a hip and with it Kodaly chick!