Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apples, Pirate Ships, & Cars

This is a rare moment I was able to capture on film. All three boys sitting somewhere doing the same thing. I would like to point out though as you can see here that right after this picture, Daniel was off doing something else! The twins love to gnaw on apples and when they are especially finicky, I will just give them an apple and it calms them down.

Josiah likes to overturn the small picnic table on the porch and calls it his "pirate ship." Today, he was finding treasure to put in the ship and was making up stories about it sinking and such. He enjoyed having the brothers join him in the pirate ship and told me that he was the captain!

This is a precious picture of a very typical Caleb expression. If you enlarge the shot, you will see his innocent little look in full form. Caleb loves to copy his brothers and parents in most any action. When Josiah dances, he dances. And I might add that Caleb's dancing is something to see...he gives quite a show when he wants to! We just turn on the music and he moves and grooves! I say to him in the morning, "Good morning," and he tries to say it, but says, "Nor-ning" instead. His stand by words now are: hi, hello, norning, uh-oh, no-no, yea (for yes), bunbob (spongebob), bye-bye, ram-ma (Grandma), and many animals sounds. His funniest animal sound is when he does a cat. Rather than a "meow" sort of sound he does this "Wowr" sort of sound instead. It sounds more like a sick cat and makes me laugh every time. Caleb is also our king of DRAMA! He is very quiet most of the time, but when he finds something he wants to play with and it gets taken away he does his characteristic flop on the floor with his ear-splitting scream to let everyone know how bad it really is!! Sometimes he flops onto something hard (though I try to make sure things are out of his way when he gets mad) and that makes him even madder of course and now he screams that he REALLY IS justified to be mad. One day when David was leaving the room, Josiah told him, "Say goodbye to the drama Daddy," meaning of course saying goodbye to Caleb. That gave us all a good laugh!

Daniel was fascinated by the camera I was holding and I am sure wanted to get his hands on it! His latest thing is he likes to say the word, "No." I will ask any sort of question and he will shake his head very emphatically and say, "NO" with a very long "O." Sometimes he will nod his head yes in response to things, but he really loves to say "No." Some other of his stand by words now also are: clock, noodle, Daddy, all done or all clean, uh-oh, hi, hello, bye-bye, and he does a lot of animal sounds too. His classic animal sound is a pig and he doesn't snort, but rather does this gutteral throat thing that sounds like a pig. Daniel is still our "geek in training" and figures out most any piece of technology or baby gadget that comes his way. He is also proficient in eating with a spoon now and hardly gets himself that messy even with things like yogurt and oatmeal! I am pleased with that for sure!!

This is a shot of when Daniel came and posed for me after he saw the camera. He is a real camera ham as you can see!

Josiah has become quite a chatter box lately. Here he and Daddy are posing with their car hats. David will periocially put something that doesn't belong on his head and inform Josiah that it is his new hat. Josiah promptly tells him with a laugh, "That's silly...that's not a hat Daddy!" This is great fun for Josiah! One day he came up to me and said, "What has a head, but no body?" His answer? "A quarter!!" I found out later that the actual joke (told by Sharel our babysitter) was "What has a head and a tail, but no body?" with the answer, "A coin." As per usual though, Josiah likes to put his own spin on things. Lately, we have been sharing with him more about Jesus and spiritual things and though things are sinking in, he isn't quite grasping it all yet, which is totally fine. I was telling him about heaven and hell one day and at one point he asked me, "Are their robbers in Tell? (hell)" (And yes, he calls it "tell" for whatever reason and I keep trying to correct him). A couple of funny notions he has about "tell" are that there are huge, ENORMOUS balls that fall down and crush you, there are swords that cut off your feet (but I was informed that only grown ups can use sharp knives), there are also trees with mouth-es (mouths) that try to eat you. I ask him, "Do you want to go there?" He says, "'s a BAD, BAD place." (Glad we got that part settled!) Then I asked him, "How do we get to heaven?" He has replied with a ouple of fun answers: 1) "go up" 2) "in a taxi". He does know the real answer and can tell me, but he isn't yet ready and/or doesn't grasp the idea of accepting Jesus as his Savior yet. I have prayed that he won't accept UNTIL he understands! I think that is important that he really gets it! We are just planting seeds now, praying and asking God to give us wisdom to guide him. I have told him MANY times (with tears) how I really want him to be in heaven with me some day! He is a very compassionate little boy and usually gives me a hug in these times. For those of you out there who would pray for his salvation, David & I would be very grateful! We think he would be a mighty man of God with his leadership skills and personality, and pray that he will be a light to others someday!!

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