Friday, September 11, 2009

Opening Day at the Puyallup Fair

I found out that if you came to the fair before noon on the first day we could get in free, so I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to go and save at least SOME of our money. Of course, there is still parking and food costs, but not having to pay the entrance fee is nice. When we went to go see Josiah's Lego creation entry, we discovered that he got a ribbon for it! He got a craftsmanship ribbon! I tried to look up exactly what that meant and couldn't find a specific description, but my assumption is that it just meant that his idea was rather original for his class. He was in the 5 and under group and this was his very first entry! He was so proud!

Here is a close-up of the fish plane. He told me that it flies in the air and swims in the water too. The tail moves back and forth like a fish and the orange parts are the wings.

The twins were in the stroller almost the entire time, but when we visited with Grandpa they got out for a little bit and were free to move. When we put them back in the stroller to do some more walking around, Caleb decided to strike this pose for a while. I determined that this was his way of doing a dramatic flop in the stroller and he was crying for a little bit, but when we started to laugh at him, he just laid there for fun I guess. He looks like he is having a little talk with God here I think. Daniel has a funny look on his face too, and is of course eating as you can see. Caleb was in the back earlier and left some scraps, so Daniel is doing a little house cleaning back there.

While waiting for Grandpa to find us, we went over by the dancing puppets. The lady selling them let Caleb pet one and he promptly hugged the puppet. It was so cute! He really likes to show love to people we have found and apparently he really loved this little puppet! He also got a real kick out of all the dogs in the dog barn. He kept squealing and yelling, "Dog, dog" or "Doggy" when he saw them.

We finally found Grandpa and he needed to rest a bit (his foot hurts real bad when he walks too much) and so we sat down on the benches before one of the shows was to start. I knew the kids wouldn't sit for the show, but we sat with Grandpa a bit and visited with him. The twins got to get out of the stroller and explore this little area a bit and they enjoyed talking to the people around them and interacting with Grandpa as well. Daniel spent a while playing with the stroller, pushing it, buckling the buckles, etc. Once again he loves to figure out how things work.

I TRIED to get a picture with at least two of my boys as you see here, but the subjects aren't super cooperative. Caleb was trying to get away from me and Josiah wasn't interested in giving a sweet smile. Sigh...oh well!

As you can see here though, when posing with Sharel (who was there to help me with the boys) he was glad to give a nice cheesy grin. We came to the fair around 9am and left at 1pm and when we left, Josiah tried to go back in and started to cry that we were leaving. He wanted to know why we didn't take his fish plane with us and in general just wanted to stay there. It was clear he was really tired and he did fall asleep in the car on the way home and then we transferred him to his bed for a nice nap. All three of the boys in fact are napping now, hence I am able to do a blog post in the middle of the day! Overall, it was a lot of fun! We have some video of Josiah looking at his Lego creation too and if I can get David to work with the video for me at some point, I will try to get it posted on the blog. We will definitely go back another time I am sure before the fair ends. I am glad we went early today though as there weren't that many people there and it was easy to get around. The crowds started to pick up as we left and it was getting really hot by that point, so I was glad to be heading home!


Missy said...

Yay for winning a ribbon!!

The Morrissey Family said...

How neat that thousands of people will be viewing Josiah's lego masterpiece. Congrats!