Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Call me the Crocheting Queen...

So for whatever reason, I have been crocheting like a madwoman these days! Perhaps many would call this "nesting," but I just call it keeping myself busy while I try to rest and not "do too much" as I have been told to do. My newest project has been to make potholders with some of my extra yarn and I found a really easy, fun pattern I can do and discovered I can whip one of these babies out in less than 2 hours. I like this one because it is thick (2 layers) and I can attach the layers together with an accent color AND it has a little loop as well. This particular yarn was larger, and so I didn't go around for the 7th time (as the pattern indicated), so that it wouldn't be this gigantic potholder. If any of you would like one, let me know as I am ready to give them to whoever wants one! I MAY even be able to take requests on colors provided I have some extra yarn in the color you want. Just let me know! I also have a pattern for these very large hot pads (round) that are really nice too if you would like something like that. I am sure once baby comes my potholder frenzy will cease for a while, but for now I am on a roll!

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Anonymous said...

Love it, Heather! Hang in there these next few weeks... we're thinking about you!