Friday, February 26, 2010

Naomi Meets Josiah!

Today, my mom picked Josiah up as per their usual Friday dinner date, but first brought him here to the hospital to see baby Naomi. Last night, David came home and told Josiah about his new baby sister and when he told her the name he said, "I don't like that name....I wanted to call her Hannah." So when he came to the hospital we told him to go look at Naomi and he said, "Ok, but I call her Hannah." It was really cute! I think he will get used to the name we chose in time!

Here is the very proud big brother getting to hold Naomi with a supportive hand under the head from Grandma "just in case." He was very sweet and gentle with her and had fun counting her toes and patting her head. She didn't cry when he was holding her at all, so it appeared she approved of her big brother! We made a big deal about how Josiah was the first brother to see her and how tomorrow he will get to introduce her to Caleb and Daniel. We reminded him about how when he was born we called him our little "pumpkinhead" and how we call Naomi our little "tomato" because she turns so red when she cries. Josiah's response to that was, "And I turned orange when I cried." We laughed pretty hard at that one!

Daddy has discovered that Naomi will calm down when held this way. He sings to her and bounces her around a bit and she makes all sorts of funny faces for him. Here it looks like she is winking at her Daddy and smiling! Learning to flirt already I guess? So sweet!

She likes to nurse in this football hold and many times just falls asleep in this position. Thankfully, she is taking to nursing well and today seems to be sleeping a little better too. We think she has a lot of gas bubbles in her stomach though as she will wake up out of a deep sleep to cry and then will fall back asleep soon afterward. She also will take a pacifier some of the time, so when she gets super fussy, we have an option! Yeah! My Dad also came by to visit today too, but I didn't have the camera with me, so we will have to get some pictures with Grandpa another time. He went to visit his parents this weekend, so in the near future we will have him over again and get some Grandpa and Naomi shots. Grandma (my mom) visited yesterday and again I only had the video camera, so I got some live footage, but no still shots. We should have taken a few today when she was here again, oh well!


50 Chubby Toes said...

Sweet Heather ~ I just love your pictures ~ makes me want a little bundle of pink joy!(not right now -but maybe 1 day - wink!) She's just so precious. When Sis saw the picture of you holding Naomi she said, "Oh I just LOVE that picture best!" Josiah is such a super sweet boy....what beautiful big brother. Sis and I both giggled when we read that he said, "Ok, but I'll call her Hannah." Too Cute! You are such a good Momma Heather, your children are so blessed. Love, EMichelle

Heather said...

Thanks for your comments, I am SO glad you checked in with us! Naomi Joy is so sweet! I am so sleepy right now, but am up to feed her and she is just as precious as can be! And Josiah was such a proud big brother yesterday....I am hoping for a MUCH smoother transition for him when she comes home. Not sure what the twins will think or do, but we will work with that too. I am looking forward to going home later this morning and am excited to have you all see her soon. You are welcome to come by and visit if you want, just give a call first to see what is up. Love you guys!

Jewels said...

She is beautiful Heather! Congratulations....finally a girl!!!! The big brothers look so proud!