Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Comparison Photos

My Mom brought over some pictures of me when I was just a few days old and even with the different quality of the pictures, it was clear that little Naomi bears a strong resemblance to her Momma! I couldn't find "exact" poses that looked alike per se, but rather I just selected photos with the appropriate people and thought you might be able to see some of the similiar features. The above is of me holding her in the hospital. As I was looking for pictures of Naomi and myself, I said, to David, "We don't have many of me holding her do we?" And his response was, "Well, you have held her all this time, now it is our turn!" And I guess he is right, but I plan to get a few more pictures of me holding her on the outside as well.

This is my mom holding me when I was just 2 days old.

Daddy is holding his sweet little princess here in this one.

And this is my Dad holding me, though this picture is when I was 3 weeks old. This same wide-eyed look that I had is one we see often from Naomi as well.

I threw this picture in also of my Dad holding Naomi. I do have a picture of my Grandpa Hal holding me, but I haven't scanned that one yet because it was when I was older, so I was going to wait and do those later when we have older pictures of Naomi to compare.

This is my Grandma Betty holding me when I was 5 days old. The way my mouth is shaped and how I am looking at Grandma is yet again another expression that Naomi gives us.

And lastly here is Grandma Marti holding little Naomi when she was just 2 days old. It was fun to look at the pictures and see the comparison. Thanks Mom for bringing these over!


Anonymous said...

Heather, she is absolutely beautiful! Our Bible study group can hardly wait for you to come back so we can see both of you in person.

50 Chubby Toes said...

How fun to look back at pictures ~ I love doing that! I'm praying for you daily. Love, Emichelle

Anonymous said...

Heather, I see that you decided to be cloned instead of going through the whole gestation thing. Good choice! Beautiful Naomi looks just like her beautiful Mama. And handsome Daddy David looks totally smitten! Congratulations you guy!