Saturday, March 06, 2010

Family Fun!

Today we decided to take the entire family (including our newest addition, Naomi) to the Supermall for some playtime. The underlying parent motivation was to run the boys down in order to get all their energies out and that goal was met!! Josiah here is at the top of the mountain and I told him to say, "I'm King of the Mountain."
Josiah is "helping" Caleb here go down the slide. Caleb doesn't need any help really and as you can see he is working hard (check out the tongue action)!

Josiah was having a blast making friends with all the little boys and girls who were there and running around gleefully!
Caleb's serious face as he climbs "Mt. Rainier."

Another prime example of Caleb's tongue action going as he is working really hard to climb the mountain. He is definitely our climbing one and pushes his way up there even with the bigger boys climbing as well! One time I saw him try and head butt a boy's legs who was standing on the top of the mountain!

Caleb came over to this and said, "ishy" for "fishy" and had a fun time riding and climbing on the fish.

Daniel was enjoying a ride in the boat here and I captured a typical Daniel look and his beautiful blue eyes as well.

Daniel also enjoyed riding the fishy!!

In this shot, Daniel is showing me the airplane above his head.
We all had a nice time and we even met someone there who had a 4-year-old there with him and triplets (3 months old) who were at home with his wife. We were commiserating with him about the various woes and blessings of raising multiples. More blessing than woes, but mainly discussed how funny people are sometimes when they hear you have twins/triplets. The "you have your hands full," "did you take drugs?" and "how do you guys do it?" comments we agreed were the top three things perfect strangers will say to us. He was a nice guy and David even made a work contact with him as well (he works for Microsoft).


50 Chubby Toes said...

Cute pics of your boys! I saw on the side of your blog that you had a long day...and I JUST prayed for you, dear friend. Some days feel like forever and some feel like a blink. I pray that when you do 'sleep' tonight that you will feel rested and refreshed when you wake. My heart goes out to you ~ because I know how it is. You are doing an awesome job ~ you are an incredible Mom. May you find rest in our Lord. Bless you, EMichelle

Daniel and Natalie said...

love the play lands!!!