Friday, March 26, 2010

Pull Up Pants Mud Dance & Pretend Play

I saw the kids doing this with their pants and said, "What are you guys doing?" And Josiah informed me that this is the "pull up pants mud dance" and they were stomping around the room with their pants pulled up as pictured. Daniel was doing this too at one point, but I was too slow to catch him on film.

Caleb the little mimicker of his big brother was also sporting the "pull up pants mud dance" pose for me.

The other day Daniel came into the kitchen with this teddy bear wrapped in a blanket and he said, "Baby," very tenderly. He then proceeded to want to put "baby" in the swing in the kitchen and very vigorously pushed "baby" in the swing. It was very precious! He is a very compassionate little soul.


Daniel said...

super cute! They learn so much from their big siblings!

50 Chubby Toes said...

How sweet of Daniel ~ made me giggle when I read how he vigorously pushed the 'baby' in the swing. I can remember clearly that happening at our home when E came along! Have a wonderful Saturday, EMichelle