Friday, March 26, 2010

Gardening with Daddy

We have had some REALLY nice days of late and David took advantage of them and his time off from work and did a lot of work on our yards. He and Josiah went to the "tool store" and got lots of pretty flowers "for Mommy!" Josiah also got his own work gloves, watering can, and shovel. When he came up the front walk with them he excitedly said twice, "I'm so excited for gardening!"
This picture was so cute! David was trying to get him to pose for the picture and told him to "put his shovel right here" and I love David's knowing look to me about Josiah's excitement! At one point, David said, "We're making good memories!" And Josiah parroted back, "Yeah, good memories!"

Josiah is pointing to the pretty flowers we planted. They are all across the front of the house now, the yellow in the back, purple violets in the center and white filler in the front. Josiah was SO proud of their work! The next day, Daddy took Josiah out to the back yard and they dug up all the dandelions that they could find in the yard. David used it as an object lesson comparing the weeds to sins in our lives. Afterward, Josiah was spouting some theological truths to me about getting rid of sin in our lives. It was very sweet!

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