Monday, March 29, 2010

My New Friend Melody

This is my new little friend, Melody, born to my friend Mara and her husband Jeff on February 4th, 2010. Two months after she was born, they were taking her into Urgent Care thinking she had a bad virus (she was struggling to breathe) and they were immediately whisked away to the ER after the Urgent Care folks realized that she had a heart defect that needed to be taken care of immediately. Apparently, this type of heart defect tends to show up around the 2 month marker, and it it the kind where there is a narrowing of the artery that leads from the heart to the feet. Melody has always had really cold feet (despite efforts to warm them) and she also had a hard time trying to nurse and along with a few other symptoms her heart defect may have been caught sooner, but a lot of these things can be just normal newborn stuff too, so it is hard to tell. They cut out the small part of the artery and reattached the artery where it was wide enough to fix the problem. She had her heart surgery last Monday and the doctor told her parents afterward that it was "textbook" in how well it went for her. She recovered nicely as well too and is now back home with her parents! Praise God! She will have to have regular visits to the cardiologist for the rest of her life and may need to take some medications, but overall her life will be a normal one with no real major side effects from the surgery.

This is Mara holding our little Naomi when I went to visit her where she was staying while Melody was in the hospital. It was wonderful to see her and I was glad I had the opportunity to do so when they needed the support. Naomi stayed with Mara's mom in their room, while I went to the hospital with Mara to see Melody. It was reminicent of when the twins were in the hospital to see her in her isolette with all the monitors hooked up and all that. She was very alert when we came and was chomping away on her pacifier very vigorously. She was certainly very precious and I was thankful to have the chance to meet her. Thanks Mara and Jeff for letting me meet your sweet little one!

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