Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Baby Girl Update

It is truly amazing what they can do now with 3D imaging for ultrasounds now. As you can see the facial features are pretty clear! There is some distortion around the face and the ultrasound tech told me that this was due to all the other things near her face like the uterine wall, placenta, cord, etc. So rest assured she does not look like the "monster baby" that she appears to be with these slightly distorted photos.

The good news is I found out that I am NOT dilating despite all the random contraction episodes I have had in the past few weeks. And she is head down at the moment, which is also good news. I have been very diligent with my gestational diabetes diet and literally have not gained a pound in over a month (though I have gained baby girth), yet the estimated size of baby girl at 36 weeks is 7 pounds 6 ounces. We were told she could gain up to an ounce a day, which would put her at 9 pounds by full term. ACK!! Josiah was 9 pounds 15 ounces, so she wouldn't beat him, but still....9 pounds is big! I am hoping that perhaps she will want to come out maybe a 38 weeks rather than 40? A girl can dream, right? The doctor said that I have NOT dropped, though everyone that sees me thinks that I have (I carry very low).
The doctor told me at this point that if I get contractions 3-5 minutes apart and/or my water breaks that I should come in to the hospital and they would deliver her anytime she is ready. This is good to know because the contractions that I have had thus far have been around 10 minutes apart when they were regular, so it gives me something that would be different than my current state of things. Please pray for me for endurance until "THE" day and that there will be a clear sign when "THE" day is upon us!


Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

OH HEATHER!!! she is SO BEAUTIFUL! she looks like Daniel i think :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay it's a baby! Good thing we don't have anything to do so it's ok that we're all looking at the blog!
:) ~Kathryn

50 Chubby Toes said...

She's so beautiful!!! You're in my prayers! See you tomorrow! E

Jee said...

Heather -- it is amazing that our technology is so advanced that we can see your baby girl! You and the family must be so excited!!! Only a few more weeks and she'll be here.

You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the blog!