Saturday, February 06, 2010

Baby Girl's Shower

Today, I had a great time with friends and my mom (the only family) at a baby shower for our sweet Baby Girl. Around 20 people came, and it was a lot of fun! Thankfully, the majority of the gifts were clothes, which is really what I needed the most considering we have three boys and absolutely NO girlie clothes whatsoever! Now though...we have quite a plethora of girl clothes and our little girlie will be VERY well dressed! I have more pictures of the guests and other things on Facebook if you are interested in seeing those. The tables were decorated with baby blankets (some of which I made), stuffed animals and the like and there were of course other decorations on the walls and on the big tree in the room as well. The gals managed to get a nice comfy seat for me as well and positioned a lovely balloon bouquet behind me.

Here is a picture of Melissa and Laurie, my gracious hostesses for the party. This board you see here is for one of the games we played. Each person would try to get a match on the board and then if you got a match, there was a funny saying related to the type of candy bar you would receive. Some examples from the game were as follows (the candy bar name is in caps): for "Father" the saying was "The baby's father is a BIG HUNK," for "Doctor's Bill" the saying was, "Hope your doctor's bill isn't 100 GRAND," for "Heather's baby" the saying was "Heather's baby is named? WHAT CHA MA CALL IT?" (We are keeping the name a secret until the bitter end, much to everyone's dismay), and my personal favorite was for "David wishes" the saying was "David wishes for more U-NO (pronounced you know).....after the baby is born." There were other cute ones too of course, but I won't list them all here.
One other game we played was to have a pink clothespin attached to our clothes and when someone crossed their legs you could steal their clothespin from them. Mine was stolen VERY early on as I crossed my ankles at one point. At the end of the shower, the lady with the most clothspins got a prize. Katrina won and it was so funny 'cause as the party was nearing the close she said, "Are we done with this game now, so these girls (meaning the younger girls that came) will stop staring at me the whole time." It was rather funny. The last game we played was where we sat in a circle and a Starbucks Gift card was passed from person to person based on a poem that Laurie read aloud to us.

The girl's made sure that the snack table had mostly protein or heatlhy type snacks, so that my blood sugar wouldn't totally hit the roof after the shower. There was a nice spread of a variety of food and it was all very yummy! Of course, the cake was very sugary, but one HAS to have one slice of cake despite gestational diabetes, right? Well, if the answer is "no" that is too bad, 'cause it is too late for that! The cake was designed by this gal named Michelle Barker who runs "Barker Bakery" out of her home and does a fabulous job with her cakes. She made Josiah's b-day cake last June for us and we (David and I) recommended to the gals that they ask her again for the shower. Because we were a repeat customer, she offered to deliver the cake to the site, which was a plus also! She is local in Edgewood and has a site if you want to try her cakes. They are affordable, made fresh the same day and she works with you to get a cake you will like. I highly recommend her work.

Thanks SO much Melissa and Laurie for all the hard work and planning you put into this. I got a lot of comments from the ladies that came that they really enjoyed the time spent there and I had a great time also!
So now that we have had the shower for Baby Girl, she can come anytime, right? Of course, now that I have had false labor and other things I am sure I will carry to term, that is just the way of things. We will see though. David seems to recall that about a week out from Josiah's birth that I had a lot of false alarms and contractions, so who knows. He predicts mid-February, but I am mentally prepared for the long haul until March 4th. MANY and I say MANY people have asked me, "Have you dropped?" and are convinced that I have, but the doctor said her head was high when he checked me last Wednesday. So...."no" I haven't dropped that I know of, but rather I just carry very low and OUT! A reminder...the ultrasound tech said she likely weighs 7 pounds 6 ounces NOW, so it is no wonder I look rather large!
Anyway, I digress! Please just pray for the right timing of the blessed event! We will post here and on Facebook when she is born! Thanks all for your prayers and support!