Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caleb & Daniel's First Hair Cut

For the very first hair cut for our kiddos, we like to take them to a fun place for all the picture opportunities, and so Caleb and Daniel went to Kid's Cuts at the Auburn SuperMall for their first cut. Here is a shot of Caleb before his hair was cut. The back of his head was actually fine, but he had this mop on the top of his head that resembled a Donald Trump comb-over, so he clearly needed a cut also even though his hair is much shorter it appears than Daniel's.

Daniel started out with what we called his "Baby Einstein" hair that was straight and all over the place. He was put in the chair first and you can see the beginnings of a cry coming on here as he DID NOT like having the apron put on him and later DID NOT like having the water squirted on his head. We have lots of video of him crying and putting up a fuss for some time! He also DID NOT like the little shaving device for the back of his head. He kept leaning forward to avoid it coming near him. Daniel is one that doesn't like change and so this new experience wasn't so pleasant for him. Daddy said in the background of the video (as if to be Daniel talking), "I've been growing this hair for 2 years now Mommy and I don't want it cut off." And these are true words!!

Caleb was a real champ the whole time. He just sat like a statue and took the hair cut in stride. At the very end he was showing off for Daddy with the video camera by driving his little airplane with his cute new do. He kept looking over at his brother like, "Hey man...what's the big deal?" It was funny that our "drama king" was the laid back one this time. He always takes to new things the best of the two though!

Here is Daniel in the midst of his crying and fussing session. You can see his face turned really red and he had a very pitiful "help me" kind of look going. At one point, he took his sucker back and that calmed him down for the time being. Although, David and I have never figured out why suckers would be a great idea at the haircutting place...the hair gets all over the sucker when they take it out of their mouths. I suppose the idea would be they keep it in their mouth the whole time and it keeps them quiet? That is a nice thought, but it doesn't work that way unfortunately.

Here is a classic shot of Daniel pouting, looking down at his little toy he sat in and Caleb from afar looking over to see what the big fuss is all about. On facebook, I posted some video of them at the hair cutting place and of them playing in the play area after the haircuts. My camera battery died or I would have a better "after" shot of both. David gots lots of video of the after shots though. Hopefully if you have an account there you can look at them. Blogspot wouldn't let me post any of the videos for whatever reason (even though the one I tried to post was small enough).

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Jee said...

I loved checking out the video on Facebook. I cannot believe how much they have grown!!! Their first haircut...what a precious experience!!!