Friday, January 22, 2010

Recent Crocheted Creations

As you can see, I got a little carried away making baby blankets for the upcoming baby girl. Years ago, my Grandma Betty taught me my first crochet stitches and I learned to make a potholder. Thanks Grandma!! Then after I got married, I took up the hobby again and used sites like to learn new stitches. They have a stitch guide there and when you click on it, you can choose from different types of hand crafts, and then there are short video clips for each type of stitch and you can watch the lady do it over and over. This was SO much easier than trying to decipher the written instructions with all the arrows on the pictures for me!

This first blanket above is from a book called "Afghans By the Pound" and it is nice because it tells you how many pounds of yarn to buy, which is much easier than guesstimating how many skeins of yarn you may need for a project. This blanket uses large Granny Squares that you then hook together at the end and add the fringe after it is all put together.

This is from the same book as the one above, and it was called the "Bubblegum" pattern. It is the largest blanket I made of the three pictured here. The only glitch was the fringe instructions were a little hard to follow and I think I messed up on one of the sides (the very top), but it still turned out nice I think.

This last one is from a pattern I got online and is just a basic Granny Square pattern with the fringe added at the end. I made one for my friend Mara also who is due with her baby girl any day now!


Anonymous said...

Very nice work, Heather! I LOVE the blanket you made for our baby!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

beautiful!! love it! i'll have to check out that link!

Techno-Chick said...

Nice work. I think you'd enjoy Vanna White's crochet books, too. Lots of fun afghans with easy to follow instructions.

Missy said...

Cute blankets! I tried to crochet. We didn't get along.