Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Nesting Time!!

So I am sure you are looking at this mess and wondering, what in the world? And that is pretty much where I was too for quite a while. The guest room has become a dumping spot for most everything we aren't using right now and this happens to be the only space left for baby #4 to reside, so we had to get to it and de-clutter this space before she arrived! My Mom and my friend Melissa came over today and we tackled all the clutter. I was the "director" and they did all the moving and re-organizing. We have this other shed too that had Goodwill items and a bunch of junk in it that we had to clean out in order to move a lot of this stuff in there, so that also was accomplished!

This is the lovely "AFTER" shot of the room! The table in the corner will be where Josiah can play with his Legos for now. We had to take down the larger table we had set up for him and he was heartbroken, but he now at least has some place to build his creations when the creative mood strikes him! The Legos are in that bin on the table and will come out when he is ready to play.

This is a shot of the crib all fixed up for the baby girl. My Mom also bought the lovely bedding and mobile for her as well. It is so clean and nice in the room now, and I am very thankful for the help! My husband was no slouch today either and while we were cleaning, he made another round of his Chicken Pompadora, pasta, and peas for our lunch. Then we had one of the chocolate cream-filled cupcakes for dessert that he made yesterday! Yum! Thanks honey for taking care of our hungry tummies! It was a very productive day and I am very thankful that the room is ready for our sweet baby girl!

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The Morrissey Family said...

Good work! Adorable crib bedding- how fun to shop for a girl!!!