Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mara's Baby Shower

On Saturday, I was able to break away from all the sick people here at home and go to Mara's baby shower. As a sidenote for those of you not on Facebook, the twins have RSV. It is a really NASTY cold for little ones and some are hospitalized with it when it is bad enough. They have had fevers for days now and Daniel also has an ear infection (which we are now treating) and Caleb has a case of croup (which was also treated with a shot at the doctor). They are both pretty miserable and aren't eating well, but are drinking, so we are still able to keep them home at this time. The paperwork we got says they can be sick anywhere from 7-21 days! A long stent for a nasty cold for sure!

Anyway, back to the baby shower! My mom came over to help watch the kiddos, (since David was sick and needed to finish some important stuff for work) so that I didn't need to feel rushed to leave the party. I was able to document Mara's shower with many pictures and some video for her as well. The video below is of Mara and I comparing belly size. She is due one month before me around Feb. 4th.

I was really glad that I was still able to attend the shower despite all the craziness going on here and Mom even did some cleaning (kitchen floors too) while I was gone, which was a real blessing (THANKS MOM!!) Mara got some gorgeous homemade blankets and lots of cute girlie clothes of course! She announced that the baby's name will be Melody, but they are saving the middle name for the big day. Mara looked to be doing quite well and it was fun to see her enjoying all the baby shower fun.

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