Saturday, January 02, 2010

History Almost Repeated Itself...

You may wonder why I posted this older photo of me, but it is because I have no real "current" photo than this one to go with the following story. Needless to say, we weren't in a camera-taking mindset during this emergency.

For some reason, on New Year's Day in the evening I started to get some recurring contractions that kept coming and coming (about every 10 minutes or less). They weren't super painful, but at the same time I had told myself before that I wasn't going to fool around this time and wait too long to get checked out when I had recurring contractions. I tried the usual drinking more water, resting on my side and such, but nothing seemed to stop them. I called the doctor on call and he said that since I had more than 4 contractions in an hour that I should come to labor and delivery and get checked out. One thing that made this more concerning for me is that the twins were born at 31 weeks gestation and I have just hit that mark in this pregnancy.

We went to the hospital after I had endured 2 hours of this at home and thankfully we had our friend Laurie to come at a moments notice to watch our kiddos while we went. I was hooked up to the monitors and sure enough I was still getting more contractions there as well. The good news through all of this was that the baby girl was kicking me a lot, so we knew that she was had plenty of oxygen and was doing well. The doctor prescribed for me to get a shot of Trebutiline at one point to stop the contractions. This is NOT my favorite thing to take as it makes me shake like I am super cold, makes my heart race, and makes me feel like I have a fever. Yet, it does its job and stops the contractions, which is what we needed. Following this, the nurse checked me and thankfully all was well and there were no other signs of impending delivery, so after all the tests and such we were sent home around 10:30pm.

I am very glad that we went in as who knows what might have happened if I hadn't gotten the contractions to stop early on! I waited way too long with the twins and that was why I ended up with an emergency C-section, and although this is a singleton this time, I still didn't want to make the same mistake twice!

I have been told to take it easy this weekend though I haven't been officially put on any kind of bed rest yet. The thing is though, every time I walk I have been getting either a contraction or some kind of tightness/pain in my abdomen that makes it very painful to walk, so this keeps me in a modified bed rest kind of situation anyway. I am concerned that the next two months will be quite difficult if this trend continues, so I am hoping for some reprieve and yet I know that all things work for good for those who are called according to God's purpose. And so I press on, knowing that help will come when it is needed and that the baby will come when she should whether early or later!

My prayer is that through all of this I won't despair (from sheer boredom and cabin fever) and that I would come closer to my Lord and Savior and rely on Him for all things. Please join with me in praying this if you would! Thanks all! Happy New Year!

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lizcraciun said...

Wow! All too familiar - for you and for me. I'll be praying that the contractions stop coming so you can have the ability to be mommy without activity restrictions, and that this little girl will make it full term. Hang in there!