Monday, January 25, 2010

Josiah Writes His Name!!

I have been working with Josiah to get him more interested in writing and specifically in learning to write his name. I have tried many different methods to get him interested and through much persistence, patience, and coaxing, he was finally able to do it tonight!! Daddy told him that if he could sit down and write his name on a clean piece of paper without us assisting, that he would get a little Star Wars Lego set. Daddy came home with the set today and again reminded Josiah that it was here in the home when he was ready to receive it. Tonight, much to my delight he practiced with me for some time while Daddy was putting the twins to sleep and then when he came out he proceeded to write what you see here on the paper. You can probably see too that he is pleased as punch with himself for getting his Star Wars set! Our Josiah is growing up! We are so proud of him!

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Jee said...

Too cute!!! I cannot believe that he can write his name...he is growing up too fast!