Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daniel's Words

It is very hard to catch Daniel on film because he would rather be behind the camera rather than the target OF the camera. He is finally getting better from the RSV and ear infection, but he is still very stuffy and this was taken right before bedtime, so he is pretty fussy and irritable. However, I got him to say a few words nonetheless. He insisted upon being VERY close to the camera because again he wanted to SEE the camera and not be filmed. I also have some very cute footage of Caleb walking around in my boots, but unfortunately it is too long to load onto blogger. I loaded it onto my Facebook profile though, so if you have a Facebook account you can click on my profile and then at the bottom of the page "older posts" until you see the video of Caleb.

Thanks all for the prayers for our family in this last week. We are all steadily returning to normality again! I am hoping for a healthy next couple of months! And as a side note, the pregnancy is going well. I have had no recurring contractions again, which is another answer to prayer and my leg pain is subsiding some as well!

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Missy said...

Hey Heather,
If you go look at my Thursday post on my blog, it will explain things in further detail, but the short version is my facebook account is suspended for the moment so I am not showing up.
Of course I didn't drop you. =)