Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hands-On Children's Museum--part 2

Daniel and Caleb found this delivery truck first and were fighting over who would get to drive it. Mommy had to intervene and institute some turn taking to solve the dispute! Daniel was thrilled to get his turn as you can see!

At the building site area, They had some plastic rocks to shovel into the back of the dump truck and Josiah didn't waste any time trying that out! They also had these long boards with which the kids could build a large house. They reminded me of Lincoln Logs, but flat boards instead of round. They had hard hats and pretend tools here as well for the kids to play with.

There was a long train table with wooden tracks and trains for the older kids and they had some buttons that you could press to make various train sounds. Daniel is listening intently to hear where they are coming from. When I showed him he could make them, he spent some time pressing all the buttons over and over.

Josiah liked this area the best and requested to come back there after we had seen the rest of the stations at the museum. He said, "Goodbye" to his trains when he left the area as well, which was really cute!

Daniel was having fun making meals for me in the play kitchen area and here was encouraing me to taste his latest dish he brought over. I love his beautiful blues in this shot!

Josiah was in the garden area here near the store picking some fresh produce. I loved all the walls how they were so intricately painted to fit each area. It was all very colorful and fun!

At the veterenarian station, they had stuffed dogs with leashes in numbered cages, weighing stations to examine the dogs, and a place to give them a bath (minus real water of course). Caleb was getting ready to wash one of the dogs with the long, green gloves.

After the fun day we had at the museum, we went to a little bakery/cafe just down the street and the kids had some donuts with sprinkles to enjoy. It was great fun and it was well worth it to check out the museum! This will definitely be a place to go again and again in the future. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun time!

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50 Chubby Toes said...

Tooo funny! I was just thinking on Thursday ~ we need a field trip and this was one of my top 3 :-) My kiddos love going to this museum ~ it's quite the drive for us but always worth it! Looks like your boys had a lot of FUN! Blessings, EMichelle