Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sick Family!!

So, the morning of Jan. 8th, David and I got a BIG surprise....and not a good one! Three little boys with three piles of throw up.....yeah, I know....TMI (too much information)!!! Thankfully the first two piles were on wood surfaces and the 3rd was caught in a towel and not on the couch (thank you sweetheart for that one!) These guys were down and out for that morning and just sat as you see them here (or slept for a bit too) and then come afternoon they were up and at 'em again as usual. I was sort of hoping for a slightly longer respite with them being ill, but it was short lived. I was also hoping that the dreaded bug would pass over me, but come Monday night I discovered that I was not going to be spared. Tuesday was pretty much a non-day for me as I was recovering and then we were all done with it. Daddy and Naomi were the only two that escaped!

Good news for the year though, we seem to have had LESS illnessess than ever before thus far. (Shall I knock on wood just to be safe? Ha ha!) For this, I am very thankful!

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