Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hands-On Children's Museum--part 1

Today, we went down to Lacey to visit my parents and check out the Olympia Hands-On Children's Museum that I had heard so much about. A lot of my twin mom friends had recommended that we go there as they had all had a fun experience, so since my parents now live close-by it seemed a natural destination. There were so many cute pictures, I decided to break them down into two posts.

They had all kinds of stations around the building and they were so fun! This was the craft room and the twins got to paint with things other than paint brushes. It was messy, but they loved it!

Josiah and Caleb are seated here at the table in the play kitchen area. Many of the other children had loaded the table up with lots of food and other items and Josiah has a very gleeful expression here that I was able to capture.

There was even a smaller tot room where Naomi could crawl around on a soft mat and look at herself in the mirror. I always love getting the mirror pictures and she did not fail to prove that mirror shots are super cute!

I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a kid's stage station where they had lots of dress-up clothes with mirrors for the kids to view themselves, and then a stage with a wooden microphone to perform as well. Caleb of course was the first and only one to dress-up and make his way into the limelight. I didn't tell him he should talk on the microphone, but he knew just what to do! I suggested he wear the cow costume and he willingly tried that on and then found this wooly vest and decided that would be his hat, hence the cow/sheep appearance.

And Daniel who refused a costume, promptly found the "sound booth" and began pushing sound cues for his brother Caleb who was up on stage. It had some fun noises like "thunder," "ta-da," "trumpet," and those kinds of things. You can see how proud he is here that he is running the sound. Somehow I don't doubt we might have a comparison picture in future years with Daniel at a real sound board and Caleb on a real stage. Time will tell!

Caleb tried on the firefighter costume and went back to the microphone to perform again!

Naomi hung out with Grandpa for most of the time because she had fallen asleep in her carseat, but when she woke up, she was very curious and wanted to see all that was going on. She loves to play with Grandpa's hat and was trying to reach his toothpick here.

They had an entire wall of those push pins that make an imprint of your hand or whatever you put on them. Naomi and Grandma are exploring those together.

There was also an ambulance and a trauma unit station and Caleb was very emphatic about calling for help on the red phone. He also took the stethescope to examine one of the sick baby dolls in the doctor's office area.

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