Monday, February 14, 2011

Where in the house is Daniel?

David and I went out on Valentine's day to have dinner and when we returned home, the babysitter told us of a "fun" incident that happened while we were away. To prep the story, I need to first explain WHY Josiah's room has a lock on the outside now. I changed it because Caleb could lock the door, but could not then open it and once locked himself and a friend's child in the room. I was able to get in with the "hanger trick," but it was a real pain and not as easy as most doors, so I decided it would be better to flip the lock. Of course, I was then careful to not hang out in J's room without carefully watching Caleb so that he didn't lock us in.

Apparently, the babysitter, Caleb & Josiah were in J's room (Naomi was asleep in her room) and Daniel decided to lock them in. Once the babysitter realized it was locked (when she went to go get Daniel) she discovered this. Both she and Josiah pleaded with Daniel to come back and unlock it (which he CAN) and it was "strangely silent" on the other end of the door, which as most of you moms and dads probably know is NOT a good thing! The babysitter was ingenious though and decided to pop the screen in the window and climb down into the backyard to get in the main part of the house that way instead. This thankfully worked and Daniel was discovered in our room/David's office checking out all the technology.

Daddy came home to all his computers turned off and then later found that Daniel had unlocked his ipod, set an alarm and then chose to look at a few stocks. He didn't buy any.....(good thing!) and thankfully he did not ruin any of David's gadgets. When we got home, Daniel was very lovey dovey and kept saying, "I wuv you Momma!" and kept giving me hugs. This is how he butters us up when he has been can you resist that sweet Daniel smile?

Needless to say, the babysitter has learned the lesson that "where in the house is daniel?" is an important piece of information to have at all times!

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50 Chubby Toes said...

That's tooo funny! Blessings, EMichelle