Friday, February 25, 2011

Naomi's 1st B-day--part 3

As per usual, we had a picture taking session for baby girl that was frequently interrupted with her brothers trying to get in on the picture taking action. This was when Josiah was trying to get her to smile for me and I happened to catch the moment in time. She loves her big brother! He chases her around (in crawling mode) and she just squeals with delight trying to get away as fast as her little crawling legs will take her.

We turned on some music at one point and all the boys were dancing. Josiah was mid-dance in this shot and having a blast!

Caleb begged me saying, "Take pic-ter ME, Momma!" And Caleb is sportin' his hoodie look for y'all in this one. He LOVES to wear hoods we have discovered of late and when I offered to let him wear this sweatshirt today he was very pleased!

Daniel would not be left out of course and to get him to smile real big I said, "Say computer!" And he did!

Lastly, I leave you with this fun shot of Caleb and Daniel busting a move here to the music! Caleb not only looks the part with the hood, but he's got the moves to match it! Daniel is showing his intense dancing face as well. All day Daniel kept asking, "It's my birthday, too?" I would say, "No, your birthday is in December," and his response was always a disappointed, "Awwww!" I assured him though that he would still get some cake today and that was approved.

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