Saturday, February 19, 2011

Visit to Uncle Brent & Aunt Katie's House

Today we ventured up north to visit my brother Brent and his wife Katie as a family. Brent was eager to battle me on the Kinect Dance game that he had. It was fun busting out the dance moves! Gotta love the "gank," the "wind up," the "swush" and the "double pump." Yeah, you had to be there! I loved the fact that it randomly takes pictures and videos of you as you do it too, very fun! When Brent sat down on the couch to watch "Wipeout," Caleb cuddled right up to him and put the blanket over his lap too! They made spaghetti & corn for lunch and had some ice cream cones for dessert. Even little Naomi had some ice cream too and it was a big hit!

The kids enjoyed playing with their animals. Josiah is "playing" with Marvin the cat here, but I think kitty thought this was more like torture than play. Both the twins chased him around with the cat toy at various times as well! Needless to say, Marvin was making himself very scarce during our visit!

Daniel attempted to interest Barry the dog with the cat toy, but he was very unimpressed as you can see here! *YAWN* :)

Caleb decided to get in his cardio workout while visiting his Uncle and Aunt, but found it rather hard to do so when he couldn't reach the pedals. He tried rocking side to side for some exercise, but mom and dad told him that was right out!

Daniel thought he would have better luck with an arm workout, but he too found that the length on the workout equipment was not suited for his needs! Oh well...running up and down the stairs and out in the side yard was "plan B" for both twins' workouts for the day.

Caleb first discovered the rock band guitars and was trying to figure out how it worked here.

Daniel also tried to make the guitar work and announced, "It needs batt-ries, it's not working!" And from his perspective that is a very accurate statement!

Naomi had to get in on the guitar action too, but her playing style was a little different than the boys!

Her favorite toy at Uncle Brent and Aunt Katie's house though by far was their cup coasters! I love the silliest things sometimes (like cardboard boxes and such)! She was fascinated with them though and played with them a lot! I love her little expression here too! Ooooooo!
We had to leave around 1:30 as the kiddos get pretty tired around that time and everyone konked out in the car including Mommy, but I woke up toward the end of the journey and snapped this photo to share.
Thanks again Brent and Katie for your hospitality. It was a fun day! You are welcome to come down and visit us anytime too!

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