Friday, February 25, 2011

Naomi's 1st B-day--part 2

I always take lots of pictures in the chair by the window because I can usually get some good pictures there. This was one of the better ones of Miss Naomi in her pretty little dress. Her "brain restrainer" was in place here as well though it will be soon to bite the dust as you will see shortly.
Here she is winding up to remove said "brain restrainer" (showing her only two teeth in the process).

AND.....success!! It is now a necklace to chew on!

Later in the day, Grandma and Grandpa Walker brought over a few presents for baby girl. One was this baby stroller/walker for her. (How appropriate you may be thinking....a walker from the Walker's....yes I know....corny joke alert!) She loved it though and we got some video of her walking down the hall with it and here you see some major tongue action to go along with the fun! Granparents Walker also made a beautiful book of pictures of Naomi's first year for her and gave her a little push vacuum that pops as well.

Naomi's party wouldn't be complete without her characteristic sniffy face! She will sniff over and over really fast with this cute expression on her face. Good thing the camera was ready to go!

Josiah got the idea to put the present bow on her head and she is a little pretty package indeed! Happy birthday to a sweet little baby! Hard to believe she is ONE!!

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