Sunday, January 02, 2011

Special Moments

Daddy is getting hugged here by all three boys at once and he is sporting his mischievous grin to boot.

Naomi girl is hugging tight to her sweet little BunBun right before going to sleep at bedtime.

Josiah found a fun way to entertain the baby. He got her to sit in the Lego Duplo box and then pushed her in it on the rug slowly with Mommy's supervision. This face says it all...and notice the gripping of the box. She fit in the box very snugly and was giggling and enjoying her new ride. Josiah is doing his silly pose in the background on this one; a very characteristic look for him.

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The Morrissey Family said...

I love the pic of sleepy Naomi and her stuffed animal, what a sweetheart. What a great idea to compare the kiddos, you are amazing to take so many great pics and keep it all organized :) Wonder woman!