Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving--Part 2

The day after Thanksgiving, Grandma Walker and I headed out with the kids to get their pictures taken at Sears for the now 2nd annual Carpenter kiddos Christmas picture. She bought them matching outfits for the occasion and we were hoping for the best when we got to the picture studio. Sadly, the kids were NOT very cooperative, in that rather than smiles we got grumpy faces and bad attitudes. It made it harder to choose some photos to buy, but even the grumpy kiddos were rather cute and I told my mom that perhaps this is a "perfect reflection" of this time of our lives! However, afterward we went over to the play area and I took my own pictures as well just in case and as you can see here I got some better smiles. Sweet Naomi is driving the ice cream truck here and is tickled pink to be doing it too!

Josiah was having fun driving the race car here. We can still take them to these areas in the mall with the ride-on toys and they have fun just sitting in them. Sometimes when Grandma or Mommy has spare change they get to ride them, but they have just as much fun climbing on them and pretending, which is fine with me!

This is the ice cream truck and Caleb was very kindly serving me up some ice cream here! Chocolate chip mint or Cookie Dough ice cream please!!

Daniel and Josiah are riding in the train in this shot. Josiah is the engineer and Daniel is just along for the ride. Perhaps he is the conductor shouting, "All aboard!!"

The boys are cruising the hood in their pink ice cream truck. Yeah....they are that cool! They love serving up cones to those passing by though and are very generous with their ice cream giving!

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