Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visit to the Grimm's

Back in October, we went to visit some long time friends of ours who live about two hours south of us now. Charlie was actually one of the groomsmen at our wedding and the last time we lived in Spokane, Charles and Janice came to visit us when we only had Josiah as a baby and they had no children yet. So now six years later, it was our turn to go and visit them (with only a "few" more children in tow)! We met them both in the same place where we met each other in a Young Career's Group at Westwood Baptist Church (where David and I got married). I think it is really neat that two thriving marriages came from that group! We always laugh about how Janice (whose maiden name was Carpenter) became a Grimm and I became a Carpenter. Now they have three lovely children named Michael, Abigail and Samuel and we have our four. We had such a great day catching up with them and watching the kids play. Josiah now refers to their house as the "far away house" and I later discovered that he now "loves salad" because they served it there and he apparently likes it now. They live out in the country near some fields with lots of open space for the kids to play outside, and the boys had a great time exploring. They also have a bouncy house that Charles set up for them downstairs in their home. A good time was had by all! Janice later told me that her Michael (he is four) said, "I was terrified when they left!" What he meant was that he was very sad, but it was cute how he expressed that.

Abigail and David were getting acquainted here as David was showing her his Ipad. And here is a link to some video of Daniel riding the little horse at the Grimm's house as well.

It was so nice to get away for the day and they were great hosts as well! We are hoping to have them over here again very soon! Thanks Grimm's for your hospitality and a great day!

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