Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Visit to Daddy's Work

David's boss was in town and she had requested to see the kids and so we made our way to David's office today to visit with her and some of David's other co-workers. As per usual, Naomi is wary of strangers at first, but eventually started to warm up. Vivian (David's boss) was admiring sweet little Bu-buhs (our name for her) hair and she wasn't too sure about that.

Daniel got right to work...playing on the Ipad that is! The look on his face says it all! Very serious!

David got all the kiddos some water to drink and Daniel especially kept trying to go back and get some more. Josiah was playing shy nearly the whole time and was either hiding under the table or facing the window in his chair (as you see here). We all met with some of David's co-workers in the lunch room, so as not to disrupt the people who were talking on the phones upstairs. And goodness knows, we cause quite a disruption wherever we go!!

Silvia (left) and Vivian (right) are listening to David talk and were watching the kiddos as they interacted with him. Naomi was chowing down on some candy that Silvia brought down for the kids. Thanks Silvia!

Naomi found the table that had some patriotic decorations on it and claimed this little flag and bear for her own for a while. She was vigorously waving the flag for a while and kept bopping the little bear on her nose for whatever reason.

It was fun to see Silvia and Vivian again and the kids thought it was the greatest thing to go and see Daddy's work. Josiah asked the next day if he could go into work with him again in fact and was very disappointed that he had to stay home.

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