Friday, October 28, 2011

Trip to Seimer's Farm

As we discovered on our trip to Walter's Fruit Farm, there are a LOT of farms to visit out in the Greenbluff area near our home. Another fun one we had heard of was Seimer's Farm, and it did not disappoint. We went on a day that was lower cost (billed as an educational tour) and paid our money for the day ($6.50 for everyone except Naomi) and wandered around there. They had a bigger train (Big Toot) that took people around the entire farm to see all the pumpkin fields and such and then they had a little train (Little Toot) that the kids could ride on. They also had a corn/sculpted bushes maze that lead to this big castle structure. They gave all the kids a map of where to find some "treasure" and Josiah was the designated primary treasure hunter and led us all around to find it. With our fee, we also were able to pick out a small pumpkin to take hoe with us that they had in a fenced off area. The above picture was of three of us on "Big Toot."

And here are the twins on "Big Toot" also. Click on this link to see some video of the kids riding on Big Toot. As we rode on the train, we also saw an area where they had these 4-wheeled bikes for kids to ride around on a dirt track. Josiah was the only one tall enough to ride them though and so he took a turn on one of them.

Josiah was having a great time being our guide in the maze and he is posing here with his map.

This is a shot from the top of the castle and you can see some of the fields in the background.

The kids enjoyed picking out their pumpkins as well and even little Naomi was swinging her little pumpkin around! It turned out that later, I used 3 of these pumpkins to make a nice pumpkin pie!
Caleb was trying to help Naomi keep up with the group here in this shot as he was pulling on her hood.

Daniel was smiling as he too was enjoying running through the maze. We ended up taking a shortcut to the castle though, as it was rather hard to find the "actual" entrance from the maze. There were lots of dead ends and we kept having to turn around and it was getting heavy to lug Miss Naomi around the whole time since she couldn't keep up with us.

This is a picture of the twins riding on "Little Toot." The barrels move to and fro and the farther back you are on the train the more the train fishtails a bit. Here is a link to some video of the twins riding on Little Toot.

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