Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bikes for Big Boys!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Grandma & Grandpa Walker sent some early birthday gifts for the twins and since they chose to buy them bikes, we thought it wise to send them early enough so they could actually ride them before it starts snowing here. Josiah also got a bike when he turned four and so they got their bikes at four also, but the season is just not wanting to cooperate! Grandma sent helmets to go with the bikes too, but unfortunately all my kids have Charlie Brown sized heads and so the 3+ size did NOT fit! We took them back soon after and got them some helmets to fit, but the first day they rode without helmets. Here is a link to the twins riding their bikes for the first time.

Caleb is always hamming it up and he was very excited here telling me something! A few times on sunny (though a little chilly) days we ride down the street to the Mormon Church parking lot and they just ride around to their hearts' content. Josiah told me his bike was called "Comet Racer" because he goes so fast! He was also the fire engine because his bike was red. Caleb was the policeman and they would ride around looking for people to help. Caleb kept riding up to me (I was pushing Naomi in the stroller) and he would say very expectantly, "Do you need help?" I would tell him that the stroller was on fire and that he needed to put it out and he very proudly "sprayed" the stroller for me. Daniel was supposed to be the ambulance, but he wasn't down with that and did his own thing!

Daniel was just thrilled to have his own bike. What is kind of funny though is that for some reason his right pedal keeps falling off despite me trying to screw it on tight enough. I may need to take it to a bike shop to fix that I think as it is rather comical every so often I hear this, "My pedal, my pedal!" and I have to come running to the rescue with my wrench. Oy!!

For a while prior to getting the twins' bikes, I had been trying to get Josiah to ride without training wheels, but he just would not!! One time we tried and he did alright and did not fall, but since then he didn't want to practice again and no matter how many ways I tried to convince him to try he would get angry and pout and not want to do it. Then one day I was sitting in my chair on a Saturday and he looked at me and said, "Mommy, will you come out with me. I want to ride my bike." I said, "Do you want to try without the training wheels?" And he said, "OK." Just like that! I was shocked! We got out there and after a few tries he was up and going all by himself with no problem. His friend Colton was due to come over that night and as a bonus he was riding his bike well when they pulled up! I was very proud of him and since then he has really been loving his bike! Here is a link to some video of Josiah riding without his training wheels!

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