Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Falling Out!

This last summer, I was telling the twins about the seasons of the year and for days afterward, Daniel kept asking me, "Is it falling out yet?" I told him when he sees the leaves coming off the trees that it would be fall then. When he saw some a few leaves falling then one day, he exclaimed with joy, "It's falling out Momma, look!" And of course as per usual, we need to get a shot of the kids playing in the fall leaves. This is much different from a few years ago when the twins DID NOT like being in the leaves.

Naomi stood observing all the leaf fun from a distance for a while and would not budge from her leafless spot for the longest time. She sensed I think that jumping in leaves was not a ladylike activity, especially in her furry pink coat! Uncle Jon picked her up and put her in the leaf pile and though and then the boys started throwing leaves onto her and she promptly brushed them off her jacket. When there were too many she started to moan and groan a bit and then we took her out of the leaves.
This is link to a clip of Uncle Jon playing with the kids in the leaves.

I just had to add this picture too as it really captures the boy leaf playing joy of the day! They had a blast jumping in the leaves and throwing them on each other.

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