Monday, October 17, 2011

Visit to Walters' Fruit Farm

As an impromptu trip this last week, we went to Greenbluff for a little outing. Out at Greenbluff, there are a lot of farms that you can visit and we chose this time to go to Walters' Fruit Farm to pick some apples and play in some of the little areas they have there for kids. At one point, Naomi tried to pick up our box of apples, but she was unsuccessful.

The kids all posed for a picture there in the orchard for me as you can see. The twins got a little overambitious and started picking apples the moment we got off the little trailer we were pulled on out to the orchard. The gal told us that we had to buy any apples we picked, so we ended up with some very small apples that the boys chose. It was OK though, they were having fun! Naomi had the funniest little face as she trudged through the orchard. Her expression was captured here in this photo. It was as if she was saying, "I'm not sure about this place, it seems like mostly boy stuff to me!"

Josiah was posing for me here by the trailer that we sat on to go out to the orchard. He also took the next picture of Caleb boy as well. Just as we had finished picking our apples and were walking back to the farm, a wasp of some kind came and stung Josiah's finger. At first, I thought we would have to cut the trip short (as the last time he was stung it was this long ordeal), but he toughened up rather quickly and we were able to stay and play there a bit longer.

Caleb eagerly awaiting his trip to the orchard.

Daniel having fun on the little play structure that they had for the kids there at the farm. He was showing me here his thumb that he said he hurt somehow. Incidentally, he was fine as you can see by looking at the thumb in question.

After the kids played in the dried pea patch (I hope to post the video I took of that on youtube later today), looked at the animals through the gate (goats, chickens, and sheep), and played on the play structure, we had hot chocolate and huckleberry candy canes as a treat in the little cafe. Incidentally, Naomi's highlight was that she loved the animals. She sat and watched them and made noises at them for some time. The goats and sheep thought they might get a handout from us and were coming over to check us out, but when they found out we didn't have the good stuff they went on their way. On the way home, I had the gal wash a few of our apples and we had those to eat also. It was a fun little outing, and I may plan another trip to one of the other farms out there soon.

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