Friday, October 21, 2011

Pillow Pets & Pom Poms

For the twins' upcoming birthday in December, Grandma got a jump start on the gifts and determined that all the grandchildren would get a special gift for their birthday. Naomi was the only kid in the family that did not have a pillow pet yet, and I knew she would like one, so now she has a unicorn pillow pet. You can tell that she likes it by the look on her face and the death grip that she has on the pillow!

Here is the link to Naomi playing with her pillow pet when she first got it.

After she had played a bit, we had her try out the pillow part of the pet. :)

Grandma also got her some little pom poms to play with as well. She enjoyed shaking them up and down as she walked. Here is the link to Naomi playing with her pom poms.

Grandma also decided to send me my old pom poms from when I was a cheerleader and so Josiah was playing with them and told me here that he was an "ice cream cone."

The twins got some Buzz Lightyear parachuting guys from Grandma and Grandpa for their birthday and here is some video of them playing with them.

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