Monday, October 17, 2011

Trip to the Farm

This post is quite a bit late as I had forgotten about the photos since they were on my phone rather than my camera. I forgot my camera when we came to visit the farm when they were harvesting the wheat and so I had to make due with my phone camera, which isn't the best, but oh well! Some of the pictures are from Genny's camera too. I had forgotten that she had taken some too and took them off of facebook just now. This is Miss Naomi after all the excitement taking a rest on Aunt Genny's chair.

And I forgot to mention that we were at my Aunt Genny & Uncle Mike's farm out in Cheney for the wheat harvest. I figured that a place with a great big combine and wide open fields would be a a fun place for boys to visit and I was right! It turns out we should have worn pants though as the knee high wheat stubble was very poky for the little ones. Daniel wouldn't walk through it, but insisted that we carry him to the next place where the combine had flattened the wheat stubble. We stood in the shade of the hay truck while we waited for the combine to come back around so the kids could ride in it. The other gal in the background is Pat, Mike's mom. It is a family farm and he and his dad own it together.
Genny got a nice picture of us sitting together in the farm truck while we waited for the combine to come back around. It is amazing they are all looking at the camera! Great shot Aunt Genny!

Here is Josiah getting his ride on the combine. He was very disappointed when he came back around to us and it was the twins' turn and he had to get out. However, after the twins were done, he got to go back for another turn on it and then the guy who drove the hay truck brought him back to the house for lunch. He was thrilled!

While we were waiting around, Josiah was taking things from behind the farm truck's seats and checking them out. This was a great boy adventure for sure!

And the twins also had their day in the sun (literally--it was quite hot that day!) and they also enjoyed their combine ride. Caleb was excited 'cause he got to go to the "barm" as he pronounces it. We work with him and say, "No, it's f-f-f farm." Then he says, "F-f-f barm!" Too cute!

Naomi wasn't too interested in a combine ride, but she had her hand at trying to drive the farm truck! Thanks again Aunt Genny & Uncle Mike for letting us crash the harvesting party! We had a nice lunch afterward too and a great visit with family as well.

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