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Funny Dress Up & Latest Sayings

For Awana, they had a "Crazy Hat" theme this time and we scavenged around the house to find some crazy hats. Josiah wore his Yankees hat (some might find that "crazy" all by itself) and we put pipe cleaners in the holes and made little antennas that he bent around into funny shapes. Caleb wore an old hat that used to be mine. It is a sailor's hat that had my name written on it. He also found a crocheted table top cover that my Grandma Betty made and wrapped it around his waist as a belt. Daniel found the doggy ears and wore them as his hat. And not to be outdone (though she doesn't go to Awana yet) Miss Naomi was a little fire girl.

And to keep in the theme of "fun" for this post, I thought I would compile a lot of the kids' funny sayings here for you all to enjoy. Josiah has the most as he is the most verbal thus far of everyone being the oldest. I REALLY have to work to keep a straight face a lot of the time with him as he just comes up with the funniest stuff! Sometimes it is OK to laugh, but not when he thinks he is being so serious.

To preface this first one, we have a this Oranda goldfish that has this big orange part on her head.

Josiah: "Goldie is the Grandma fish."

Me: "Why?"

Josiah: "'Cause it looks like she has a lot of hair."

I had just finished spraying a small wasp's nest that day near the play structure in the backyard and then we had this discussion.

Josiah: "Mommy, if we had a robot monkey then he could do everything, like clean the dishes, clean up poop, and get the bees ."

Me: "What would mommies do then?"

Josiah: "Relax!!"

Sounds like a plan buddy....invent a robot monkey and I will buy one!

Josiah commenting on his ability to ride his scooter the other day, "It's as easy as pie, but I don't know how to make one!"

When I was pregnant this last time, I was complaining to my mom on the phone of a typical pregnancy woe that I was experiencing (painful gas--I know too much information), Josiah had some interesting insight as to why. He said, "Maybe the baby is farting in there?"

Josiah: "Mommy, I am going to draw a chameleon, but you aren't going to be able to see it, because it is going to look like a rock." (We were learning about animals that use camouflage that week in school.)

Josiah talking to Caleb and Daniel, "When you are as old as daddy, you can go to college too! Would you like that?"

Caleb and Daniel, "Yeah!" (I found out later that when Daddy was helping to lead the college group at church that this was what Josiah was referring to...that the twins could go to the "college group" with Daddy.)

Josiah and I were sorting Legos and he found this tiny gray key that goes to the police station jail doors and he said, "WOW, I have been looking for this for like 17 years!" I said, "You haven't even been alive 17 years silly!" Josiah laughs and said,"Oh yeah!"

Daddy was telling him to sit his 6-year-old bottom down on the floor in his room and Josiah said, "I always carry my bottom around, that way it is always with me."

Josiah had to write a story for school and this is what he came up with. It is called "Whale Learns Taekwondo." I will note here also that I had a hand in helping him fill in the gaps grammatically, but all the content ideas were his.

There once was a sea creature named Whale who wanted to learn Taekwondo, but he was too big to fit in the Do Jang. Some other creatures in the Do Jang named Squid and Shark were mean to Whale and made fun of him because he was so big and couldn’t come to class. Whale was very sad. His friends Boat, Fish and Octopus had some ideas to help their friend Whale. Boat’s idea was for whale to learn Taekwondo outside the Do Jang. Fish said that Whale can learn in an underwater area with a large cover to protect them from the waves and such while they practice. Octopus’ idea is that they throw Whale a birthday party and teach Taekwondo there. All the ideas worked and Whale learned Taekwondo.

Whale sparred with Squid and Shark and beat them!! Whale did a jump kick and landed on Squid and Shark. Squid and Shark were demoted to white belt and they had to do push-ups in class. They were also kicked out of the Do Jang forever because they were mean to Whale. Boat, Fish, Octopus, and Whale were very happy.

The End

Caleb isn't quite as verbal as Josiah or Daniel, but he will get there I am sure! He is most certainly the clown of the bunch and I predict all of us rolling with laughter in the future at Caleb's words and antics as well. Even now he loves to make people laugh and is a natural little actor. He imitates others behaviors well also and is the best dancer of the bunch! He is always the first one to dress up in whatever he finds and always has his own unique style. I found him one day dressed in Daddy's house pants and Tigger sweatshirt (common household attire for Daddy) and he said, "Wook, wook Momma, I'm Daddy!"

One day back when we lived in Milton, Caleb was sitting on the piano bench and Daniel says, "I'll be the mommy and sit in the rocking chair (where I normally taught lessons from)." Then he says, "And a one and a two and a GO!" Meanwhile, Caleb is playing along on the piano until Daniel yells, "Now STOP!!" Daniel was also making notes with a pencil and a piece of paper as well for his "student."

One day as Daddy left for work Caleb said, "Have a good day, I'll miss you, goodbye honey!" We then had a funny little disagreement about whose "honey" he was!

Daniel followed Caleb's lead and the next day when he found my sweatshirt laying on the couch he put it on and told me that he was "Mommy." He was very pleased with himself as you can see here!

One morning Josiah was teasing Daniel, and he was playing with a drawing pad at the time. I look over and I see that Daniel wrote the word, "NO" on the board. I asked him why he wrote that and he said, "It's for Josiah!"

I told Daniel that I he had a drumstick instead of cut up chicken on his plate, and he immediately started using it to hit his plate instead of eat it.

One night, we had Teriyaki Pot Roast with baby potatoes, carrots, & onions and Daniel reported to Grandma that we ate "brown chicken." Can you tell we rarely eat beef around here?

Daniel was talking to Josiah about going to Awana for the first time and said, "I am going to go to Cubbies, but you aren't are going to be a sprinkle!" (He meant to say he was going to be a "Sparkie.")

Josiah said at dinner, "I am eating dairy, Momma 'cause I have cheese and milk!"

Me: Yes, you are!

Daniel: (holding up his carrot) "And there's bunnies in the carrots!"

Me:, bunnies eat carrots.

Daniel: Oh, OK.

A long while back in Milton, Daniel was sitting next to Annika (one of his babysitters) on the couch and asked her, "What's your number?" He was referring to her age, but it was funny as it could have been a pick-up line. We all laughed heartily at that one!

And of course, Miss Naomi doesn't have any real "sayings" yet, but still her personality shines through! She has lots of single words, but no real sentences yet, however we expect her to really explode with language anytime soon. She is very good at imitating other people and she frequently observes her brothers' play and then joins in after she sees what they are doing. She loves to be chased and just squeals with delight when her brothers, Daddy or Mommy run after her to play.

When I was changing her the other day I was able to get her to say "Na" "O" and "Mi," but not her full name all together yet. However, when we ask, "Where is Naomi?" she points to herself and sighs a contented, "Huh."

Another day, she kept saying, "Foooo," in her high chair and so I pulled down some goldfish and said, "Do you want Goldfish?" and she tried to brush them away and shook her head. Then I said, "Do you want graham crackers?" and she also brushed those away. Then I asked, "Do you want fruit snacks?" and I got a resounding, "Yeah yeah yeah!!!"

She is very aware when she has a pretty dress on and she often goes to show Daddy her pretty dress right after putting it on. She shows off her pretty dresses by sticking out her chest and pointing to herself and/or straightening her dress or shirt.

After she takes a bath, her hair is really curly and the other day she was marching around the kitchen singing to herself and her little curls in back were bobbing up and down.

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