Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas 2005

This year we went and got our Christmas tree out in Greenbluff, a local tree farm. Baby J and I stayed in the car, while Daddy, our hero, went and chopped down the tree for us! It was SUCH a cold day, we thought it best to keep Josiah inside the car where it was warm. We went to get the tree with our friends Joyanne, David and their son Sean. Afterward, we spent some time with them at their house and enjoyed a lovely bean soup dinner with cornbread and salad...yum yum!

The fun part of the tree story began when we got home however! When we got
the tree inside we realized that the trunk was too short to reach the bottom of our tree stand. First, I went around to our neighbors to see if anyone had a saw and rounded up an army knife and some pruning sheers. Neither worked because the tree sap was too thick. Sooo...David went to Walmart and got a hand saw and then we laid the tree on a sheet and towels in our apartment and he sawed some of the lower branches off to make it fit. Once he got it up it was a little crooked and we called it our "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" and were ready to scrap it and start over, but as you can see I was able to disguise the tree to appear presentable. I forgot to mention that ended up having to pick up a bunch of the pine needles off our carpet by hand because the tree sap made it so that the vacuum wouldn't pick them up.

Needless to say...this is probably the last year we will get a real tree...we plan to check out the artificial tree sales after Christmas this year.

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