Thursday, December 01, 2005


So winter has officially begun! And we started it off with getting a new battery and alternator for our new (to us) Chevy Trailblazer. We were getting ready to go to our small group last Monday night and it woudn't start. We had it checked out and the above diagnosis fixed the problem. We are thankful to God that it didn't die on the freeway during this lovely snow storm that followed in the week!

David let me park our other vehicle (the white Toyota Camry you see pictured) under our carport so that in case of an emergency with the baby that I could easily go somewhere without having to scrap a bunch of snow off the car and
such. Isn't he a wonderful husband?

I got baby dressed up in his little bunting that our friend Jylle gave us so that I could take him outside in the snow for a bit. We went and visited some of our neighbors. Some of the snowflakes landed on his long eyelashes. It was really fun to see his reaction.

And by the way this photo of Josiah is a prime example of what he likes to do with his tongue now. It is his NEW THING to stick his tongue out a lot!

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