Monday, December 05, 2005

Visiting the Neighbors

We have been getting to know our newest neighbors and yesterday Heather (yes she is a Heather too) invited Josiah and I over to visit with herself and her daughter Brooklynn. It just so happened it was also my 30th birthday that day, but she didn't know that. So it was a nice treat for me to visit with a friend on my birthday!

Brooklynn is almost a year old, so she was running circles around Josiah, but he wasn't letting her have ALL the toys! I went over there around his naptime and Heather let me put him in Brooklynn's crib. He had this petrified look on his face as I lowered him down into a crib with PINK sheets and wall hangings. Not the most popular color for macho boys you know! Anyway, he did sleep about an hour, so that was nice...but he wasn't happy about it! Ha ha ha!

It is fun to have a friend nearby to chat with about baby things once in a while. Heather is a stay at home mom too, so we can have these impromtu visits which are fun. It is just a real bonus too that they are also a Christian family...we have a lot in common!

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