Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day Fun

Josiah says, "Why is this bow on my head?" We were trying to get a good picture of him smiling with this bow on his head under the Christmas tree as our BEST Christmas present this year, but Mr. Josiah was not in the mood to smile. I looked back at this picture and just laughed and laughed at how mortified he looked with this bow on his head!

Since he had plenty of toys and things already, instead of more gifts, baby's favorite toys today were the wrapping paper and the bows. Mommy got him some special baby books with Bible stories as well though.

Our first Christmas with baby J was a special one and we wouldn't trade it for anything. We started out by reading Luke 2, then we opened gifts and did the stockings last. One of David's gifts to me was a jigsaw puzzle and since he and I like doing them together, the present is also the time spent with him doing the puzzle. This was a very popular gift! We plan to go to church later today and then to lunch afterward at some place that is open. Tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa Walker are coming to spend some time with us. We had a Marti Walker Christmas this year....all the presents opened and cleaned up before 6am! We run on baby time here!

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